Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shakespeare on a Cool Summer Night

Wednesday evening we went to see the opening night of a production of Romeo and Juliet here in Oxford. The venue was wonderful on the roof of the Said Business School. They offered a special pre-theater meal of Italian pizza, pastas and salad at a very reasonable price. Nearly the whole group chose to take advantage of this and arrived early. We started the performance in a courtyard and then all moved up to the amphitheater. The characters were in dress complete with Lady Capulet in stiletto heels. Cameras were unfortunately forbidden (which I discovered after taking pictures of our group) so unfortunately we don't have more photos. The scenery was minimal though the actors were so talented the play worked wonderfully. Unfortunately as it was opening night there was a bit of disruption in the production with some lighting difficulties which made the play last a bit longer than normal. After the sun set it was especially cool and several people rented blankets to stay warm. All in all though, it was a good evening.

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