Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Place Rocks!

Monday was a long and productive day. We started out at 7am on a bus to the village of Street. Street is home to UK based Clarks shoe company. Our group was fortunate to have a tour of their museum, with a rich history of the company and shoes from different eras. We then learned more about the structure of the company, specifically the unique Quaker heritage that has shaped and still guides how the company is run today.
After the Clarks visit the group went on to Clarks Village where they had about an hour to eat lunch and do any shopping they could fit in. Some people managed to do well on both accounts! After this quick stop, we drove about an hour to Stonehenge.
Stonehenge offered a free audio guided tour and great photo opportunities for the group. Despite a forecast of rain, we enjoyed a dry visit.
After this visit we moved on to our final stop, the city of Bath. The city was beautiful and offered plenty of opportunity for exploration. At 8pm we had reservations to tour the Roman Baths. This visit was absolutely stunning. Parts of the Roman Baths and the associated temple date back as early as 60-70AD. Over the past 2000 years various civilizations have added, modified and restored the Baths. What results today is a breathtaking museum that allows visitors to experience history firsthand. The location was chosen for the natural hot springs that offer up water at about 115 degrees at a rate of 1.17 million liters per day. The hot springs are still functional, but the Roman Baths are not considered safe for bathing. However, the city has constructed two modern style baths to allow bathers to experience the hot springs spa experience.

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